Cypherpunks is broken - Welcome to Secret Admirers

It's been more than 20 years since the the Cypherpunk's manifesto was published and we believe it's more important today than it was back then. And like the manifesto, we believe in action more than in talk.

Just as software and hardware can be developed for surveillance purposes, so can it be for better privacy and a truly free cyberspace. Technology itself is neutral, we choose what to build with it. The reason so little has been achieved lately is because we lost track of a fundamental point from the manifesto:

Cypherpunks write code. We know that someone has to write software to defend privacy, and since we can't get privacy unless we all do, we're going to write it. We publish our code so that our fellow Cypherpunks may practice and play with it. Our code is free for all to use, worldwide. We don't much care if you don't approve of the software we write.

It seems that the original Cypherpunks mailing list degraded into a debating society and very little new code is written. The signal-to-noise ratio has become abysmal. Intellectual masturbation won't give us more privacy - deployed code does.

Towards that end we founded the Secret Admirers. This is what we offer - for members only:

Secret Admirers Rules

  1. Secret Admirers is a community of doers. To be a member, you have to code/maintain privacy enhancing software and/or be the admin of privacy enhancing systems/services. This includes digital OPSEC tools and open-source hardware which is privacy/security related.
  2. To become a full member of Secret Admirers you have to go through the application process (see below).
  3. The existing full members will vote to decide if an applicant becomes a full member.
  4. For all software and systems we design the following holds true: The more privacy it provides the better. This usually implies that strong cryptography is used as well.
  5. Discussions on the Secret Admirers mailing list should be in regard to Cypherpunk... how to build better systems. Members are expected to communicate in a civilized manner and try to maintain a high signal-to-noise ratio.
  6. Software written by our members in the context of Secret Admirers is freely available to all other members.
  7. Only the original author may make the source code available to the general public. Members never release source code written and unreleased by other members.
  8. A full member can bring up to two followers to Secret Admirers.
  9. Followers get the same benefits as full members except voting rights and bringing in followers.
  10. Followers can apply for full membership under the same rules as normal applicants.
  11. Full members have to maintain the conditions of their application. That is, they keep working on/maintaining privacy related software or systems. If members stop being productive they risk loosing their membership status.
  12. Members who do not follow the rules will be ejected. If a full member is ejected his followers will be ejected with him.

Public Projects of our Members

How to apply for Secret Admirers

For your Secret Admirers application we need: Apply here

Secret Admirers is an equal opportunity organization of elitists. We don't care who you are, we only care what you do.